Margaret Hori

Named Big Island's Best

Holy's Bakery, Inc. started in 1932 baking fresh Breads and Pastries to the plantation workers of Kohala. It was and still is a family owned and operated business that was first started by Yoshio Hori and his wife Miyako Hori.

The name of the bakery started when Yoshio called a sign maker to make the Hori's Bakery sign. But due to his thick Japanese accent, he rolled his "r" when he spoke and the sign maker thought it was an "l". When the sign arrived at the bakery it read Holy's Bakery. Being a very appreciative and humble man, Yoshio decided to just keep the sign and changed the name to Holy's Bakery.

Before Yoshio's retirement, he passed the bakery on to his daughter, Margaret Hori who to this day still runs, owns and operates Holy's Bakery with the help of her grandchild Jami Mullen.

It was Margaret who came up with the recipes for the now famous Frozen Buttered Pies that now line the Freezer shelves of various stores on Hawaii Island, Oahu, Maui and Kaua'i.

Yoshio & Miyako Hori

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Since 1932